Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I'm proud to be an American...

This post is dedicated to the United States. The past few days my attention has been drawn to Made in the U.S.A products. I am not really sure why but for some reason I have been thinking about them. Then today I started thinking how many products does our family actually have in our house right now that are actually Made in the U.S.A.. I knew there would not be many since most things we buy from stores are not even made here in our wonderful homeland. After I thought about that fact I became very sad. Why do we not have more products that are available to us to buy that are actually made here. We all know the answer to that question. Because it is more expensive. But, how are we ever going to make more jobs for people here in the US if we do not even buy things that are made in the US? Everything has it's consequences and because we all have become obsessed with getting things as cheap as possible we have now created a big mess of our own country. I know my family is definitely guilty of this. I love european products!

So I decided to put together a list of products that are all made in the US. Yes, they are a little bit more expensive but just buying one of these products will help out one company in the US. And what if everyone started doing this? Then we might just help out our own economy! Plus I will provide a list of local farmers! So look for there brands in Whole Foods and Organic Harvest. And some of these farms in Alabama you can actually buy directly from them! WHO KNEW!

This is a website dedicated to only USA made products. Check it out!

These are some products we use around our house that are all made in the USA.
California Baby, a whole variety of baby products that are great for babies, kids, and parents too! We love California Baby products at our house!

Kiwi Pie Diapers, fitted diapers in the cloth diapering world. The softest diaper you will ever touch. They are our favorite nighttime diaper. A family out of Montana make these!

Thirsties Diaper Covers, another cloth diapering option.

CJ's Butter Stick, a product to protect your baby's bum. Love this product!

Babyganics, they make all sorts of baby products & we use them all at our house!

Dapple, baby products that compete with Babyganics.

Cahaba Valley Honey, made right here in Birmingham

Here is a great website I found that gives you farms in Alabama where you can go and pick your own fruits and veggies.This would be a fun family activity plus you would be supporting your local farmers!

If you live in Birmingham then you must check out Pepper Place Market, they are open April-December on Saturday mornings.

Organic Harvest here in Birmingham sells dairy products from Wright Dairy in Alexandria, AL. New news to me! Check out why there milk is better. Very interesting!

A website that provides a list of places in Alabama to buy local beef.

So here are resources to help my family and yours support our local and our countries foods and products. Now go buy something that's made in the USA!

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  1. LOVE this!! Thank you for sharing! I am definitely going to make it more of a prority to buy products made in the USA and grown locally. We love California Baby and Babyganics too! However, we need to support the USA more and try to buy more products made in our own country!

  2. Great Post Baby Girl!! Very Proud